Breeding 'della Terra del Mare'

Massimo D'Urso

Breeding della terra del mare siciliaI live in Sicily, in Acireale in the province of Catania, a town that is a few Km from the sea and at the foot of Mount Etna. I remember that when I was a little boy, I liked the idea of having a dog as play mate and faithful friend.
Not wanting to be a burden on the finances of my family, I decided to delay the event to when I would be older and indipendent. With the passing of time, in the course of the years the desire to have a puppy grew even more, and so a friend of mine, knowing my desire, gave me a Labrador puppy as a present. So this is how the passion for this breed started...passion that is not yet spent!!! Thanks to her commitment and her love that she has shown to these wonderful animals, it was possible to enalrge the breeding, where today you can find different subjects that are used for mating, seen the good results obtained in cynophilist displays.

Puppy of labrador